• RMC DfE Aplha 3 – 4L
    RMC DfE Aplha 3 – 4L

    A general purpose cleaner for removing grease, oil and other factory soils. Neutral in use dilution and safe to use on all washable surfaces. Recommended for cleaning equipment, machinery, parts, floors, etc. Cleans better than products with ingredients like NPE, 2BE. Unique surfactant system. Rapidly floats away soils. Free rinsing. Low sudsing. Suitable for recirculating […]

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    Our Urine Control Treatment (UCT) is a professional product that helps to eliminate tough urine odours. Professional UCT has live bacteria enzymes that help break down and eliminate odour.  Works best when it is left wet on an area for at least 30 minutes. For SDS information click on the link below: Professional UCT 2018

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  • CHAPIN Ice Melt /Salt Spreader
    CHAPIN Ice Melt /Salt Spreader

    100lb Carrying Capacity Chapin Professional Spreaders were built to provide all of the features and functionality needed for reliable, efficient performance. The 100-Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader has a large, 2 piece hopper design that boasts stainless steel handles and a rugged stainless steel frame, solid linkage for full gate control, spiked auger to […]

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  • PROTEAM ProForce 1500XP Upright Vacuum, with HEPA
    PROTEAM ProForce 1500XP Upright Vacuum, with HEPA

    The ProForce® 1500XP is designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. Premium quality on-board tools and high-performance dual motor system offers convenience and durability for optimal efficiency and maximum effectiveness now with HEPA Level Filtration. PROTEAM ProForce Vacuum Bags  

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  • CONTRACTORS CHOICE Melt Smart Ice Melt – 18.9kg bag
    CONTRACTORS CHOICE Melt Smart Ice Melt – 18.9kg bag

    This environmentally friendly product will help to eliminate the dangers of ice on driveways, walkways, parking lots, etc. but without ruining the pavement or sidewalk.  It’s also safe to use if pets are walking on the area as well. PROMO ALERT – 6 bags for $100.00 (+ tax and delivery)   SDS Ice Melter 2018

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  • WAVE 3D Urinal Screen – 2 per pkg
    WAVE 3D Urinal Screen – 2 per pkg

    Back due to popular demand! Replaces Power Screens. Blue-Cotton Blossom Green- Cucumber Melon Purple- Fabulous Lavender Red- Kiwi Grapefruit SDS Wave3D

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Fall 2018

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I love the Bio Magic Odour control products. Works amazing and fast. We have to deal with odours weekly and this is the product for us.

Sam W. Niagara Falls

I tend to purchase larger machinery like the Durashine, and Corporate Facility Supply has me covered for all my needs. Not only do they carry the specific brand I use, but they have all the chemicals and supplies that I need with it. Its a one stop shop.

John T. Grimsby

Being in business with family here in the Niagara region for over 30 years, I find it very important to shop local and support community business. One great example is CFS. From the day before opening our doors and ever since. CFS has always been there with great products, service and support. From suggesting products to helping us troubleshoot with some of the day to day operational needs, CFS has always been there with great customer service. We can shop elsewhere for the same products but we cannot get the attention and service that CFS gives us through out the year. Great service and support are two reasons we appreciate Leesa and the team at CFS.

Dave B., St Catharines