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Time is always a factor when we calculate cost in the Janitorial world.  Without consequence, Janitorial services have bid for years on the logic of get it and we will make it work.  As time and the almighty dollar add up so do losses.  I am often asked- How much should I bid?  My answer is just this to anyone who asks:  As a Cleaner your time is worth two times what your cost is including payload.  As a supervisor 2.5 times your cost-plus payload and vehicle.  As an owner.  Your time is priceless. 
So many people have tried and failed at the game of self-employ because they don’t know their real cost versus sale price.  If you intend to work in the contracting field you must learn these numbers to succeed.  Just the same as we do in the manufacturing and distribution world.  The good news!!!  You have a world of information at your fingertips.  Use the internet to make you money.  When that fails keep on asking questions.  Answers will appear.
The world of bid it at cost and hope for the best is coming to an end.  The number of contractors out there is shrinking and the number of interested employees is too.  Use caution when you bid.  It makes a lot more sense to work for profit that nothing.  If you can’t make money in your current field-Go back to school.

Something that Works!


Have you ever tried something that just shocks you how well it works?  Last Summer I was handed a scratch and sniff card for a new line of odor control products from Betco.  Most of the time when I see a new product I wait to see how the market reacts, then I decide if it’s the one for me to sell.  Instead…  I shelved this one.  I have always known that Betco has the exact same values corporately speaking that my company does.  So I should assume that the new ideas that they offer will work.

Much to my chagrin, I was asked by my mother to bring her some deodorizer for her stale basement.  I figured why not unload on her the sample that my Betco rep had dropped off.  The next day she called me as pleased as punch- “This stuff is amazing! I sprayed it last night and I went down to get a few things from the fridge this morning and I can still smell it.”   Time to rethink things Mr. Chris!  Sometimes you need to admit you are wrong.  Try Sentec, It works.

The Concrete Truth Part Deux!

No Frills

Do you remember when you were in grade 7?  Shop class taught you how to bring out the beauty of wood using sand paper, finish and stain.
Love it or hate it shop class teaches us all the fundamentals to get the look that we desire.  Almost the same process gives us results that  can’t be beat on concrete floors.  No need to use a finish however;  concrete shines on its own.  Yup, concrete with a little bit of chemistry gives you amazing gloss and durability.  The trick is knowledge.  Take a day and a concrete floor and we can give you something you would never have expected even from the messiest floors you can find!

We know the process.

We know the products.

We get the results!

Step one: Call us
Step two: Ask for a demonstration
Step three: Watch in anticipation

Concrete Truth

No Frills

Have you ever been to a big box store and been in awe of the sheen on their concrete floor?  Its easy to assume that they have put some crazy topical coating on top of their concrete to put their best foot forward.
But did you know that these floors have no coating?  Did you know that the gloss you see is simply a result of releasing the inner beauty of the concrete itself?  You bet 100% fact.  We could talk about process and products but all too often I lose people in the verbose explanations that I offer.  We love polished floors.  “It’s kind of our thing” For as little as $2.00 per square foot we can help give you that mirror finish with very low maintenance and super durability.  We have worked with two manufacturers for years in this pursuit and developed a huge repository of knowledge and results to match.  Large national chains rely upon Corporate Facility Supply for results and knowledge every day.
Visit these pages for a quick visual.  Soon I will produce a step by step explanation of the process to give you a handle on what is involved and what you can expect.

Betco Matrix

Onyx Durashine

The Professional Cleaner: How can you save lives?


Since we have all realized that we are professionals, we know well enough that we must do our part to earn our status.
There is no question that disinfection is part of most daily cleaning processes. So, my suggestion for the week:  Proper disinfection gives you a chance to save lives.

Most disinfectants are considered “Cleaner Disinfectant”,  this is a tiny bit of a mistruth.  Disinfectants work best when they have no soil load to contend with. Our recommendation is to always use a cleaner before a disinfectant if there is a soil load present. Disinfectants work by weakening the cell wall or structure of microbes, so they simply need time to attack the bacteria, virus or proteins. But did you know that most disinfectants require ten minutes of wet contact time to do their job? Quaternary disinfectants cause the least surface damage and do a more than sufficient job killing microbes. The only real challenge is wet time. Ten minutes wet time and disinfectants kill most microbes 100%. Five minutes and they kill 99%. The 99% solution is known as sanitization.

No doubt Hospitals use bleach to disinfect all surfaces.  You like most people might even consider bleach to be a clean smell.  In a subsequent blog I will talk about bleach and its perils.

For a deeper dive on this topic you can always ask me a question in person or check out our ask the expert section on our website.

Biological Odour Control

BioMagic Family

What is it?  How does it work?  Get rid of that smell!
If you have ever eaten yogurt you have participated in biological digestion.  In fact, if you have ever eaten you have participated.
The reality is that our bodies need beneficial bacteria every day to maintain dozens of bodily processes.

Biological odour control works by digesting the source of odour.  Most commonly we use odour masking or odour pairing agents to overcome odours on a day to day basis.  Most of these products certainly do their part, but odours come back as quick as they left most of the time.
Get it at the source they say!  And that’s what we say too, but our thought process is to get it at the source for good. Digestion is the key.
It doesn’t work for every odour, but it sure works wonders for protein based odours.

Bio Magic is just that!  Magic Not only does it contain biological load digester but it also contains a very effective odour pairing agent that chemically pairs with odour causing molecules to create no smell.
I could drag things out with a scientific explanation.  But I won’t.
Simply put:  Biological smells + BioMagic= No smell

Toilet Seat Covers

toiletseat waste
What is the most undervalued restroom product? Toilet Seat Covers.
Toilet seat covers?????  How can toilet seat covers make a difference in your facility?
Toilet seat covers will accomplish two things:
#1 They will cut down toilet paper consumption. How? The average washroom user will use 13 feet of toilet tissue to protect themselves on a toilet seat.
#2 They will make your facility look better. How? The small pieces of toilet tissue that are left on the ground after patrons visit your public restroom will not be there!
All things considered ….
You will provide your guests with a more sanitary environment and you’ll save money on toilet tissue- At an average cost of 1.8 cents per toilet seat cover.
You will save 4.5 cents per patron on toilet tissue.  The environment will experience a great deal less abuse. Less paper will make it’s way into municipal water treatment.
Our suggestion is:
Buy one starter pack of toilet seat covers with a free dispenser. See the results for yourself. We know you will see very quickly why toilet seat covers
are so common in other parts of the world.

Clean Restrooms


It was a rainy day.  My friends and I were out for a weekend stroll through the streets of Dublin.  OK it wasn’t rainy.

Just the same we went to a wonderful little pub in the city center.  Granted it was a Saturday morning and Saturdays in Dublin can be a bit hairy. Everyone was famished so we decided to go out for a bite to eat.  As I entered the establishment I decided why not visit the loo. As quick as I walked in I noticed that the air was polluted with days, if not weeks old odours.  More importantly the floors were filthy and the mirrors were coated in scuzz.  I am all about clean so I am hard to satisfy; but this place could have turned off anyone.  The moral of the story?

Clean restrooms save business. They certainly don’t create it…  I knew full well that if their restrooms were that dirty that their kitchen must be so too. Maybe only 15 or 20 dollars in lost revenue to that restaurant.  But multiply that times six.  It starts to make sense that clean restrooms pay back.  You can learn the details that matter here!

Green or Just Plain Safe

What is “Green” all about?
Cleaning for Impression?
For whom? Clients? Friends? The Public at large?
It took more than just a 90 minute stand up act to impress me of the need to clean green. Former Vice-President Al Gore has done more things for the environment than any twelve Greenpeace activists can ever claim to do; regardless of what the masses may think. It took a study that showed me the impact on humans and wildlife. That study discussed the number one cleaning surfactant used for over seventy years.
It took the addition of children in my world.
I can continue to chat about my reasons for my shift in focus. But the truth is that the need to use products and processes that use less energy, fewer non-renewable resources, and safer end results comes from an obvious and extreme change in visible effects on the environment.
Green is not about catch-phrases. It is not about winning over customers. It is not about a picture of a waterfalls or the Amazon rain forest.
The truth is:
We have to make a change; that change is not all that painful. It’s amazing the advances that have been made in the direction of a safer and better end result.
I have just chosen the right way to arrive at it.
Tell me your opinion.

What do you need to know about deep cycle batteries?


First and foremost, there are a lot of people who have very strong beliefs about batteries and their manufacture as well as durability. Secondly, batteries where I am concerned are not the kind you use in your flashlight.  I am referring to wet cell (acid) deep cycle batteries that are used in floor scrubbers, golf carts and solar systems.  Solar power storage systems are not relevant to this discussion however.

We sell only one manufacturer’s battery.  Why?  Because we know that if there is an issue with manufacturer flaws it will be solved, and quickly at that.  Most manufacturers have got their goods together when it comes to quality and durability.  From best to worst in class with North American Manufacturers there might be a 15% variance in longevity.  Not bad….  Not great.

What is the issue then?  Why are batteries always so stressful?  Like most pieces of work equipment that break, batteries are subject to user error.  What is the number one user error?  Short charging.  Users operate fully charged machines until they are drained sufficiently which is A-OK!  Here is where the issue occurs.  The operator has 99% of their work done and they just need to get a few minutes out of the batteries.  So batteries are charged for 15 or 20 minutes to finish out the day’s work.  This is a Faux pas.  Simple rules with batteries:  Always charge them 100% before using the machine again, and
always store batteries fully charged.  Case closed 90% of all battery failure resolved.  And millions of dollars saved.  Battery sales guys the world over frown    ; )
How else can batteries get damaged?
• Battery powered machines are used for a few minutes and put away plugged into the charger.
This is not necessary.  Batteries will self stabilize after short use.
• Machines are stored with the power on.  A drained battery will be sometimes irreparable.
• Operators refill batteries with tap water.  Simple rule…  Always use distilled water.
• There are certainly other reasons for failure.  The top five are here.
I could probably do a top ten list for fun.  I just might.


Speed Scrub 500 Right Side Disk

Sometimes change is good, sometimes it isn’t.  In 2005 the SS5 came out, what is the SS5 you say?   The predecessor to the SS500 of course!

Nobles had made what I believe is one of the most solid pieces of equipment I have ever seen- a workhorse.

Just the same as the Black and Decker Drill designed in the 1930’s, Nobles hit the mark.  A tank on wheels that cleans floors as effectively as any piece of cleaning equipment ever has. When the marketing team at Tennant Company announced that they were going to hand us a new, better version of this workhorse…  You can understand why we were nervous.
The SS500 is all that it could be and more.
What’s new?
• Fewer parts.
• Universality -A lot of the parts are used to make other models in the line.
• A battery refill system that automatically refills wet acid batteries safely and constantly.
• A shorter turning radius and almost perfect division of weight full and empty.

The Power of Oxygen


The most essential element on the periodic table without a doubt is Oxygen.  Without it life fails to exist. Without it many cleaning processes don’t work as well.  For years, we have focused on using stronger chemicals to remove soils.  Recently we added a new product to our line- Stella Pot and Pan Soap.  We designed it with all the water conditioners that would make it an effective, lasting solution and remove soils quickly.

One thing was missing- Oxygen.  My testing team which mostly consists of family members helped me to quickly realize the stuff didn’t foam enough.  Ugh…  “True, I said but it removes grease from everything it touches”.  “It does they said… But the foam dies and it stops working”.  So why not try to boost the foam and see if it works better?  I did, and it does.  Lesson learned.  The power of oxygen in cleaning is every bit as essential as the wetter water that detergents bring to us.  Foam isn’t necessary in most cleaning processes; but when you clean things with lots of soil it sure helps.