SCA 551028
SCA 551028

TORK-Matic Hand Towel Dispenser – black


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Product Description

Tork Elevation® Matic® dispensers simplify and complement any environment, providing a clean, hygienic appearance. The design ensures easy and intuitive maintenance, refilling and use. The Tork Matic® Dispenser has a high capacity that is ideal for busy washrooms. Hands free dispensing provides a hygienic, one-at-a-time solution for your washroom. The user touches only the towel needed – reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Reliable and durable, Tork Elevation Matic delivers one towel, time after time, always ready to service the next patron. Neutral, minimalist shape – a seamless capsule that fits in any environment. Semi-transparent cover and now with a new, easy-to-read level indicator, refilling paper rolls will be even quicker and easier. Push bar for loading and emergency feeds. Utilizes any Tork H1 Roll Towel. For use with 290088, 290089, 290095 hand towels.

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