Biological Odour Control

BioMagic Family

What is it?  How does it work?  Get rid of that smell!
If you have ever eaten yogurt you have participated in biological digestion.  In fact, if you have ever eaten you have participated.
The reality is that our bodies need beneficial bacteria every day to maintain dozens of bodily processes.

Biological odour control works by digesting the source of odour.  Most commonly we use odour masking or odour pairing agents to overcome odours on a day to day basis.  Most of these products certainly do their part, but odours come back as quick as they left most of the time.
Get it at the source they say!  And that’s what we say too, but our thought process is to get it at the source for good. Digestion is the key.
It doesn’t work for every odour, but it sure works wonders for protein based odours.

Bio Magic is just that!  Magic Not only does it contain biological load digester but it also contains a very effective odour pairing agent that chemically pairs with odour causing molecules to create no smell.
I could drag things out with a scientific explanation.  But I won’t.
Simply put:  Biological smells + BioMagic= No smell

Green or Just Plain Safe

What is “Green” all about?
Cleaning for Impression?
For whom? Clients? Friends? The Public at large?
It took more than just a 90 minute stand up act to impress me of the need to clean green. Former Vice-President Al Gore has done more things for the environment than any twelve Greenpeace activists can ever claim to do; regardless of what the masses may think. It took a study that showed me the impact on humans and wildlife. That study discussed the number one cleaning surfactant used for over seventy years.
It took the addition of children in my world.
I can continue to chat about my reasons for my shift in focus. But the truth is that the need to use products and processes that use less energy, fewer non-renewable resources, and safer end results comes from an obvious and extreme change in visible effects on the environment.
Green is not about catch-phrases. It is not about winning over customers. It is not about a picture of a waterfalls or the Amazon rain forest.
The truth is:
We have to make a change; that change is not all that painful. It’s amazing the advances that have been made in the direction of a safer and better end result.
I have just chosen the right way to arrive at it.
Tell me your opinion.