Dilution 101- The Basics for Basically Everyone


How do I dilute my cleaning products?

My first tip is don’t let a dilution center do it for you. If you’re looking for an easy, math-free system to dilute your products for you we highly recommend the Fastdraw system. The Fastdraw dilution system will save you money, we promise.  You won’t waste any chemicals and more importantly your dilutions will work as promised by the manufacturer.  Read more about the Fastdraw System HERE.

When all else fails learn the simple math.
A short rant as I am so well known for:  When I was a newbie I went to visit a customer who had recently bought a pail of our Floor Stripper.  I knew the stuff worked, I had used it dozens of times to excellent results.  As the label said:  We GUARANTEE this product will work as stated or we will refund 100 % of your purchase price.  Sounds goof-proof and confident if I do say so myself.
Bob, the custodian at a local school said to me: “I did everything I could to get this stuff to work but it just wouldn’t.”  After a bit of questioning I left to get some answers from my father.  We returned to see Bob the next day and it took less than sixty seconds to get the right answer.
It’s so easy to acknowledge my Father’s experience and knowledge now, it wasn’t so easy back in 1990.  “How did you dilute the stripper Bob?” He asked…  there it was. Since his floor was really bad Bob decided his chemistry would work best, so he started at a dilution ratio of 1:1.  Needless to say this concoction didn’t work.  So he tried full strength…nothing happened.  Let me cut to the chase- stripper needs water to work!  It won’t cut through floor finish without it.  After about ten minutes of hurry up and wait my Father showed Bob the end result.  A bare floor using a dilution of 1:8 with water.
The moral of the story? Coming in next week’s blog.

Thirty Seven Years of Sanitation

preview-full-CCE 1986

Thirty-seven years
We have been hard at it for thirty-seven years. Very few things have remained constant for such a long period. Although we have undergone cosmetic changes and our company has grown over the years we have continued to be the best we can be.

About four years ago we set out to reword our company’s mission statement. I realized very quickly how similar my plan is to that of my father’s. Focus on products that get to the customer quickly and with the right advice on how to use them.

I am proud to say, despite market pressure and constant change, things have always stayed constant at Corporate Facility Supply.

    A company that focuses on:

  • The right product delivered by the right people.
  • The support to teach you how to use our product safely.
  • The delivery methods to save you money and product.
  • A constant focus on product before price.