How to Clean Mold

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Keep in mind that the words you are about to read are not given as recommendation- they are here to help enable you to make decisions.

Mold is insidious.  It is also a necessary evil.  Most mold exists whenever it has three things present: A food source, a climate that allows it to grow, and an abundance of moisture.  Therefore, eradication of mold most certainly relies upon eliminating one or more of these sources.  The easiest one is reduction in moisture believe it or not.  If you can’t control moisture, mold spores will continue to replicate.  Getting rid of mold is generally quite easy when you have the rest of the sources under control.
How do I get rid of mold?
1. Remove all sources of moisture.
2. Encapsulate the mold.
3. Remove the mold by following appropriate steps(link to details below).
4. Remove any affected surfaces by permanent remediation.
5. Prevent regrowth by treating the location.
6. Reconstruct and again prevent regrowth.
Cut and dry that’s it.  Here’s the problem: What kind of mold are you dealing with?  Health Canada has offered up some wonderful advice: Mold and Your Health. The best way to identify mold is to have a professional identify it for you.  Mold can be any number of colours, it can be in the surface and above the surface. Industrial hygienists offer advice and can quickly identify molds for you at a very acceptable price.  We are happy to recommend a few. Most importantly our recommendation is:  Talk to professionals!  Mold can create lifelong health concerns. Don’t take a rubber band to a gunfight. If you want to move forward on your own…We can help.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Local


Green is hip.  It’s good it’s important!
Why should I buy local?  Canadian made? From my own home town?  I could list eighty-five reasons why.  Will you think of them when you buy your next bottle of floor cleaner?  I hope so, since we are the best local manufacturer of the best cleaning products.
Reason One: If it is made here it won’t have to traverse the world get to you.  Burning inordinate amounts of fossil fuels.
Reason Two: Local jobs.  You’ve heard it said before: there are two spinoff jobs for every manufacturing job created.  That just makes sense if you want your hometown to be more successful.
Reason Three: When you deal with a local company you get help when you need it.
Reason Four: If you aren’t happy with the product will you easily be able to return the product to the store you bought it from?  In our case we have a 100% satisfaction promise.
Reason Five: You get what you pay for from local vendors.  Small companies can’t afford to take advantage of you, and don’t want to.
OK, so that’s not eighty-five, but it’s a start.  There are so many other reasons that are obvious, these are just a start.

Vacuums-What makes one better than the other?


Vacuums are machines. They are therefore prone to failure and bad engineering just the same as anything else with moving parts.  To simplify the story-  what makes one vacuum better than the other?  There is no doubt in my mind that one thing stands out way beyond all other measures. #1 The simple results that you feel and see as you vacuum.  If the carpet looks clean and the vacuum has dirt in it,  things are working.  It doesn’t take long to separate the men from the boys quickly thereafter though.  There are three basic measures that matter when it comes to vacuums.
1. Waterlift
2. CFM air movement
3. Amperage
If all the stars line up, a vacuum (be it canister or upright) has amazing measures working for it.  What’s the answer then?  #2 consumer and user reviews that are independent in nature.  Good luck with that!  But if you can, find an independent opinion and you are well on your way.  Here’s where the buy local plea comes in; do you trust the people you buy from?  Can they fix it if it breaks?  Need I say much more?  We will always match an online distributor’s price on the equal piece and beat it by 2%.  That is the law of the land here.  Try us.

Why Microfiber? The Magnified Benefits.


Educate me you say!  You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to learn from the most charming person in the cleaning industry, would you?  Did you know: The average 16” x 16” microfiber cloth has enough fiber in it to stretch from the Southern tip of Florida to the Northern tip of Alaska?  Yup, it’s true!  Cheers, Cliff Claven (dating myself).  Microfiber often annoys users so much at first that they avoid using it because of its picky nature.  We’ve all felt the familiar tugging of microfiber on the skin of our hands.  What is that you ask?  Microscopic fibers are grabbing onto lose skin and not letting go.  That same annoyance allows microfiber to clean more effectively and cheaper.  Every wipe with a microfiber cloth usually matches the efficacy of four wipes of a traditional terry towel.  Microfiber abrades more with less damage and cleans deeper.  Talk about a win!  Microfiber is certainly less expensive than ever and with better designed cleaning tools you save time, the most precious element on the Periodic table of elements.  Yes, I know it’s a misnomer but it just worked, call it poetic license.  Time is money!  Notice a recurring theme in my blogs?




To Whine or not to Wine- A Carpet Stain Solution

proxi hero2

When I was 9 my Father and mentor said: “Stop whining”.  In the case of wine stains versus broadloom I disagree.  It’s ok to whine when you have a wine stain on your beautiful white living room rug. It stinks when you can’t just step back in time to that moment when the dog ran in between Aunt Ethel’s legs and forced her to spill her wine.  Wine itself has no effect on people’s ability to hold a wine glass, honest!
We have a solution!  Proxi Spray and Walk Away.
1. Find a stain.
2. Spray it.
3. Walk the other way!
Guess what there’s more!  Proxi works on hundreds of stains, not just wine.  The chemical nature of Proxi allows it to permanently remove protein and some acid base dye stains.  Even better.  It’s cheap at twice the price.  Time is money and Proxi involves very little time or money.  Try it; you’ll love it!

Need to see it to believe it?

Save Money, Buy Concentrate


A little deeper dive on product concentration is necessary from time to time. So, I thought I would talk about the chemical industry’s dirty little secret…concentration.
Everyone has travelled through the aisles of their local big box store and seen a superb deal on something that suits their needs.  Where to start? We all look for deals, it’s common sense to try to keep as much money in your account as you can.

Recently we had a consumer visit us asking for prices on glass cleaner, floor cleaner and the like.  After speaking with our front-end staff, I happened to walk past and hear him whisper to his fellow patron: “These guys are almost 25% more than Big Box Store A” . Being Mr. Curious, I had to poke my nose in.  I asked the prospect if I could do anything to help.  He simply said: “I guess you heard.  I think you are too expensive” I know full well that we aren’t and after several minutes of dialogue I decided that I had to offer up a simple chalkboard discussion.  If company A’s product dilutes at six ounces per gallon and ours does at one ounce per gallon- I would easily assume that we are six times as concentrated (container sizes being almost equal) but is our product six times costlier?  No. Case closed!

Moral of the story: Sometimes you must look deeper than the dollar amount to find the best deals.

Redo, Renew, Refresh your Restroom’s Image


Those who know me well realize that I am a big proponent of change; I love the new stuff.  I’m an early adopter of technology and I renovate all the time.  So, when I get a chance to do something as a renovator for free or next to nothing I jump on it.  Did I mention I am frugal too?  We at Corporate Facility Supply have the ability to offer you a new washroom appearance for free.  We are so happy to do so that we will give you a thirty-day trial with product included*.
We can give you new washroom dispensing equipment for almost all facets of your daily restroom systems at no cost.  Even deodorization systems!  You have lots of
options to suit your needs.  All you need to do is ask!  Our staff will install** your dispensers and leave a neat and clean environment when they leave.
C’mon don’t tell me you’re not super happy right now!
Deb Hand Care, Tork and NPS Systems Free!
*Some conditions may apply, contact our office for a custom restroom solution for your facility.
**Complimentary installation provided for installs of 5 or more units. Contact us for details!

Why use an Automatic Scrubber?

Why should you use an Automatic Scrubber?
Simply put:  Time is too expensive and too precious to waste. Autoscrubbers as we know them DO A BETTER JOB than we as mop-toting humans ever could.  Why wouldn’t they?  The simple process done by a scrubber lays down water, scrubs it, then quickly after picks it up.
Per the ISSA (International Sanitary Suppliers Association) It takes a typical laborer one hour to scrub 387 square meters.  On the contrary, they say that a 20-inch automatic scrubber will clean between 862 -1,858 square meters in the same time.  Even on the conservative side you can do things two and a half times as fast!  At that end I say case closed; but the benefit of clean floors is even more over a plus.  Just try one!  We will bring you one made to fit your facility and leave it overnight for you to experiment.  If you spend more than 3 hours per week mopping, you will see immediate payoff.  Your wrists and shoulders will thank you.

The Professional Cleaner: How can you save lives?


Since we have all realized that we are professionals, we know well enough that we must do our part to earn our status.
There is no question that disinfection is part of most daily cleaning processes. So, my suggestion for the week:  Proper disinfection gives you a chance to save lives.

Most disinfectants are considered “Cleaner Disinfectant”,  this is a tiny bit of a mistruth.  Disinfectants work best when they have no soil load to contend with. Our recommendation is to always use a cleaner before a disinfectant if there is a soil load present. Disinfectants work by weakening the cell wall or structure of microbes, so they simply need time to attack the bacteria, virus or proteins. But did you know that most disinfectants require ten minutes of wet contact time to do their job? Quaternary disinfectants cause the least surface damage and do a more than sufficient job killing microbes. The only real challenge is wet time. Ten minutes wet time and disinfectants kill most microbes 100%. Five minutes and they kill 99%. The 99% solution is known as sanitization.

No doubt Hospitals use bleach to disinfect all surfaces.  You like most people might even consider bleach to be a clean smell.  In a subsequent blog I will talk about bleach and its perils.

For a deeper dive on this topic you can always ask me a question in person or check out our ask the expert section on our website.

Clean Restrooms


It was a rainy day.  My friends and I were out for a weekend stroll through the streets of Dublin.  OK it wasn’t rainy.

Just the same we went to a wonderful little pub in the city center.  Granted it was a Saturday morning and Saturdays in Dublin can be a bit hairy. Everyone was famished so we decided to go out for a bite to eat.  As I entered the establishment I decided why not visit the loo. As quick as I walked in I noticed that the air was polluted with days, if not weeks old odours.  More importantly the floors were filthy and the mirrors were coated in scuzz.  I am all about clean so I am hard to satisfy; but this place could have turned off anyone.  The moral of the story?

Clean restrooms save business. They certainly don’t create it…  I knew full well that if their restrooms were that dirty that their kitchen must be so too. Maybe only 15 or 20 dollars in lost revenue to that restaurant.  But multiply that times six.  It starts to make sense that clean restrooms pay back.  You can learn the details that matter here!

Green or Just Plain Safe

What is “Green” all about?
Cleaning for Impression?
For whom? Clients? Friends? The Public at large?
It took more than just a 90 minute stand up act to impress me of the need to clean green. Former Vice-President Al Gore has done more things for the environment than any twelve Greenpeace activists can ever claim to do; regardless of what the masses may think. It took a study that showed me the impact on humans and wildlife. That study discussed the number one cleaning surfactant used for over seventy years.
It took the addition of children in my world.
I can continue to chat about my reasons for my shift in focus. But the truth is that the need to use products and processes that use less energy, fewer non-renewable resources, and safer end results comes from an obvious and extreme change in visible effects on the environment.
Green is not about catch-phrases. It is not about winning over customers. It is not about a picture of a waterfalls or the Amazon rain forest.
The truth is:
We have to make a change; that change is not all that painful. It’s amazing the advances that have been made in the direction of a safer and better end result.
I have just chosen the right way to arrive at it.
Tell me your opinion.

The Power of Oxygen


The most essential element on the periodic table without a doubt is Oxygen.  Without it life fails to exist. Without it many cleaning processes don’t work as well.  For years, we have focused on using stronger chemicals to remove soils.  Recently we added a new product to our line- Stella Pot and Pan Soap.  We designed it with all the water conditioners that would make it an effective, lasting solution and remove soils quickly.

One thing was missing- Oxygen.  My testing team which mostly consists of family members helped me to quickly realize the stuff didn’t foam enough.  Ugh…  “True, I said but it removes grease from everything it touches”.  “It does they said… But the foam dies and it stops working”.  So why not try to boost the foam and see if it works better?  I did, and it does.  Lesson learned.  The power of oxygen in cleaning is every bit as essential as the wetter water that detergents bring to us.  Foam isn’t necessary in most cleaning processes; but when you clean things with lots of soil it sure helps.