Why use an Automatic Scrubber?

Why should you use an Automatic Scrubber?
Simply put:  Time is too expensive and too precious to waste. Autoscrubbers as we know them DO A BETTER JOB than we as mop-toting humans ever could.  Why wouldn’t they?  The simple process done by a scrubber lays down water, scrubs it, then quickly after picks it up.
Per the ISSA (International Sanitary Suppliers Association) It takes a typical laborer one hour to scrub 387 square meters.  On the contrary, they say that a 20-inch automatic scrubber will clean between 862 -1,858 square meters in the same time.  Even on the conservative side you can do things two and a half times as fast!  At that end I say case closed; but the benefit of clean floors is even more over a plus.  Just try one!  We will bring you one made to fit your facility and leave it overnight for you to experiment.  If you spend more than 3 hours per week mopping, you will see immediate payoff.  Your wrists and shoulders will thank you.


Speed Scrub 500 Right Side Disk

Sometimes change is good, sometimes it isn’t.  In 2005 the SS5 came out, what is the SS5 you say?   The predecessor to the SS500 of course!

Nobles had made what I believe is one of the most solid pieces of equipment I have ever seen- a workhorse.

Just the same as the Black and Decker Drill designed in the 1930’s, Nobles hit the mark.  A tank on wheels that cleans floors as effectively as any piece of cleaning equipment ever has. When the marketing team at Tennant Company announced that they were going to hand us a new, better version of this workhorse…  You can understand why we were nervous.
The SS500 is all that it could be and more.
What’s new?
• Fewer parts.
• Universality -A lot of the parts are used to make other models in the line.
• A battery refill system that automatically refills wet acid batteries safely and constantly.
• A shorter turning radius and almost perfect division of weight full and empty.