Backpacking- A Better Way to Vacuum


Have you ever backpacked across Europe?  If so, you have one on me.  And truthfully, I am jealous, but onto the real discussion.
Why do fewer Canadians use backpack vacuums than other North American folks?  We are complete wimps the Americans tell us.  Backpack vacuums clean up to three times as fast as upright vacuums and break 68% less! What’s to lose? Not much if you ask me. Backpacks are easier on the body, clean quicker, better and easier.  Upright vacuums however, are hard on your back, upper body in general and your wrist.  Tell me why backpacks aren’t better? Now that cordless battery backpacks are commonplace there is nothing to hold you back from burning a hundred-mile trail with a backpack vacuum.  We will revisit this one with some more solid, concrete facts and numbers in a future blog.

Tips and Tricks for a Happier Vacuum


What’s going on in my vacuum?
Have you ever questioned how or why vacuums work?  Probably not too deeply, but being a kid at heart I decided you should learn a detail or two about vacuums.  Here’s where I will start: Vacuums are our friends.  Why must we all treat them with such disdain?  Vacuums help us to maintain a cleaner home or facility.  They save us from having to drag carpets out to the back forty and beat them with a Carpet Beater.  If you can, do yourself three favors:
1. When you unplug your vacuum use the plug.  Don’t pull it out by the cord!  We are happy to fix your vacuum if you do so, just remember the $45.00-$75.00 repair bill isn’t our fault.
2. Empty your vacuum bag when it is no more than half full.  We have unloaded more than a few vacuum bags with as much as 20 lbs. of dirt and assorted goodies.
3. Don’t pick up anything bigger than a peppercorn.  Vacuums aren’t made to do so if they have a roll-brush.
4. Lastly If you catch onto a carpet fiber and wind it around the roll brush stop and unwind it.  Save the broken belt.  Otherwise clean your roll-brush every three or four weeks.

If you follow these four hints your vacuum will thank you.  As will your pocket book.