Redo, Renew, Refresh your Restroom’s Image


Those who know me well realize that I am a big proponent of change; I love the new stuff.  I’m an early adopter of technology and I renovate all the time.  So, when I get a chance to do something as a renovator for free or next to nothing I jump on it.  Did I mention I am frugal too?  We at Corporate Facility Supply have the ability to offer you a new washroom appearance for free.  We are so happy to do so that we will give you a thirty-day trial with product included*.
We can give you new washroom dispensing equipment for almost all facets of your daily restroom systems at no cost.  Even deodorization systems!  You have lots of
options to suit your needs.  All you need to do is ask!  Our staff will install** your dispensers and leave a neat and clean environment when they leave.
C’mon don’t tell me you’re not super happy right now!
Deb Hand Care, Tork and NPS Systems Free!
*Some conditions may apply, contact our office for a custom restroom solution for your facility.
**Complimentary installation provided for installs of 5 or more units. Contact us for details!

The Puzzle of a Clogged Drain


Just a quick note from previous experience that I thought I should share…
Last week, while in the shower (try not to close your eyes and shudder), the water level at my feet was reaching a level higher than the norm and also higher than the level it was at just a week ago – almost 2 inches deep!  The perfect drainage that I had before was no longer as free flowing as it should be.  My first thought was that my hair has officially started falling out at an alarming rate OR there were other issues I wasn’t aware of.  The next day at work, I decided to bring home a quart of drain opener in hopes of remedying the problem before it got worse.  Being on a septic system, sometimes I’m leery about using something so aggressive, even though certain issues need this.  As I walked up the stairs, I had a thought – why not try a plunger first?  Back down the stairs I went.  After two pushes with the plunger, the drain was back to be free flowing with zero resistance.  It had worked and my septic system got a reprieve!  Regardless of what was clogging the drain, it’s nice to know there are options for a great outcome.  Sometimes a great product is needed…and sometimes just the right tool.

Toilet Seat Covers

toiletseat waste
What is the most undervalued restroom product? Toilet Seat Covers.
Toilet seat covers?????  How can toilet seat covers make a difference in your facility?
Toilet seat covers will accomplish two things:
#1 They will cut down toilet paper consumption. How? The average washroom user will use 13 feet of toilet tissue to protect themselves on a toilet seat.
#2 They will make your facility look better. How? The small pieces of toilet tissue that are left on the ground after patrons visit your public restroom will not be there!
All things considered ….
You will provide your guests with a more sanitary environment and you’ll save money on toilet tissue- At an average cost of 1.8 cents per toilet seat cover.
You will save 4.5 cents per patron on toilet tissue.  The environment will experience a great deal less abuse. Less paper will make it’s way into municipal water treatment.
Our suggestion is:
Buy one starter pack of toilet seat covers with a free dispenser. See the results for yourself. We know you will see very quickly why toilet seat covers
are so common in other parts of the world.

Clean Restrooms


It was a rainy day.  My friends and I were out for a weekend stroll through the streets of Dublin.  OK it wasn’t rainy.

Just the same we went to a wonderful little pub in the city center.  Granted it was a Saturday morning and Saturdays in Dublin can be a bit hairy. Everyone was famished so we decided to go out for a bite to eat.  As I entered the establishment I decided why not visit the loo. As quick as I walked in I noticed that the air was polluted with days, if not weeks old odours.  More importantly the floors were filthy and the mirrors were coated in scuzz.  I am all about clean so I am hard to satisfy; but this place could have turned off anyone.  The moral of the story?

Clean restrooms save business. They certainly don’t create it…  I knew full well that if their restrooms were that dirty that their kitchen must be so too. Maybe only 15 or 20 dollars in lost revenue to that restaurant.  But multiply that times six.  It starts to make sense that clean restrooms pay back.  You can learn the details that matter here!