Another Really Cool Product!

Big Blue is my favorite product by a landslide. It does more than the label says it will and it does it with a smile. OK let’s be fair. Cleaning products can’t smile. But the users that who work with them can! We’ve always been focused on user friendly products. Big Blue has an innate ability to clean with nearly no residue and very little impact on your surroundings. That my friends, is a great step alone. But what makes this stuff so awesome? It smells like nothing you have ever smelled before. I understand that fragrance has become a faux pas over the past few years. But wherever you can use this product try it.  It is definitely not intended for use in a healthcare institution. But it’s non-descript scent and odour control capabilities makes almost everyone I know very happy.  Big Blue is what I consider a mid-range cleaner. Capable of cleaning floors without streaks. Strong enough to clean a greasy kitchen. But not too strong that it creates a long-term surface altering result. That is A-OK in my eyes. Effective for washing walls and heavy soil removal. Yup I’m still trying to find a way to get you excited about my fave. I might just lack the words…But, try it. You will be happy!

Check out Big Blue!

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    Thanks for the recommendation

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