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The industry is facing many challenges, new emerging pathogens, increased costs, reduced reimbursement and heightened compliance scrutiny all adding pressure to the workplace.
Betco’s CleanSTAT™ Program can assist you in creating a healthier, cleaner environment for your patients, visitors and staff by:

Reducing the risk of HAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections) by using the proper products and protocol.
Maintaining compliance by assisting with thoroughness of cleaning and disinfection through use of superior products, ATP cleaning monitoring system, and training to increase patient satisfaction.
Effectively cleaning in minimal time faster turnover of critical areas in healthcare environments with use of superior products and mechanized cleaning.

ATP monitoring is a rapid testing method used by food and beverage processors to quickly assess the cleanliness of surfaces or liquid samples from such places as CIP systems. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is present in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells. ATP is produced and/or broken down in metabolic processes in all living systems. Processes such as photosynthesis in plants, muscle contraction in humans, respiration in fungi, and fermentation in yeast are all driven by ATP. Therefore, most foods and microbial cells will contain some level of naturally occurring ATP.

Hygiena luminometers (in conjunction with ATP swabs) use bioluminescence to detect residual ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. The presence of ATP on a surface indicates improper cleaning and the presence of contamination, including food residue, allergens and/or bacteria. This implies a potential for the surface to harbor and support bacterial growth.

ATP monitoring is used in food and beverage facilities to confirm that ATP presence is eliminated or minimized by effective sanitation procedures. ATP monitoring prevents cross-contamination, ensures product integrity, potentially improves product shelf life, protects brand reputation, and complies with GMP standards and HACCP requirements.

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