Tradewind Air Blower


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The Tradewind can be used for drying carpets, tile, drywall, hardwood floors, baseboards, ceilings, and more.

On high speed, the Tradewind uses only 2 amps of power on a standard 115 Volt circuit. The blower features a built in daisy chain outlet, which allows you to run up to 6 airmovers on a single 15 Amp power circuit. Drop the amp draw even lower by utilizing the low speed setting. 

The power cord is a bright safety yellow for visibility. The airmovers have built in circuit breakers to prevent the house circuit from tripping, as well as a GFI outlet to protect against unexpected power spikes or shorts.

The Tradewind features a space conscious design, which allows the units to be stacked either vertically or horizontally.

*Subject to availability.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 33 × 50 × 56 cm

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