Simple and Smart Polishing Stainless

Less is more.  For 25 plus years we have certainly gotten used to it.  The chemical salesman keeps shooting himself in the foot!  I used to love to watch our truck leave here loaded with drums of juice!  As we call it (Industry jargon) cleaning products.  Now they leave with itty bitty boxes containing enough concentrate to make twice as much product as a drum.  Better for the consumer (Maybe not us).  But, that’s A -Ok with me!  I don’t like spending money to ship water.  Even better system improvements come along from time to time.  Natural Shine is one of them.  Picture this.  A Government facility with 29 elevator cabs and thousands of square feet of Stainless steel using 9 litres of Natural Shine per year and getting spectacular results from a dime size amount of product on a clean cloth as we used to get from 50 mls of Stainless-Steel Polish.  No risk of slips and falls from slippery floors.  Greater resistance to fingerprints.  And savings to the tune of $1200 per year.

Take that one Doug!  I just saved the Government $1200.00.  That’s what its all about.  Use less get more.   That’s why we are here.  Planned redundancy and better results.

So, Doug….   Can I have a tax receipt?

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