What’s up Buttercup?

Tell us what you need! Have you ever asked a store for something and gotten it without any push back?  Recently I watched something change that I had thought couldn’t possible.  I must preface this statement with a warning.  That aside I thought I would tell you about something that happened to me.  While I was at my favorite neighborhood establishment, I saw a change.  It wasn’t a huge one.  It was however a welcome one though.  After 20~ years of visiting this place and enjoying the food and comradery the owner decided to make conform to the market.  For the past few years I had commented that a change was needed.  He shook his head and often seemed to ignore me.  “Guess what?” he said…  “I have decided that you might be right” OK Chris, move on from your weak narrative you are probably saying. I’m ready now

My comment to you, as much as I may know about what I do,  I think that you might have a better way to solve a problem that maybe we haven’t offered thus far.  If that is the case, please feel free to tell us.  I am happy to open the flood gates of change and improvement.  We will do anything we can feasibly do to be best in class.  That is my plan- be the best there is or don’t do it.  I think that hundreds of clients have come to realize this already.  Tell us how we can be better.  If it makes sense, we will make it happen!

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